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You take your smartphone wherever you go. Thanks to the HipRap, forget the purse because you can stylishly fit your smartphone around your waist without the bulkiness!  The circle-tie design wraps around your waist and attaches neatly in a circle tie to make it look as if it’s a part of your outfit.

The HipRap is designed to securely carry all major smartphone brands including the iphone 3, iphone 4 & 4S, iphone 5C & 5S, all Droid smartphones and all Windows smartphones. The HipRap features three inside pockets to position your phone where it is most comfortable for you. Made of soft polyester and spandex, the HipRap goes right in the washer and dryer.

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Feel good knowing each package you receive contains biodegradable packing peanuts, recycled crinkle paper, & recycled boxes.
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About HipRap

Mary Jane Griffiths – HIPRAP Founder

The idea came to me when I became aware of how many times my phone would ring and how often I would miss calls trying to fumble for it.

I started wearing my phone at the waistband of whatever article of clothing I was wearing. I wanted to keep it close and accessible. From yoga pants, to skirts to bathing suits my phone always sat at my hip inside my waistband.

I also had the same problem at work. As a nurse we are required to carry phones and I was always misplacing mine. When I carried it in my scrubs pocket it would always weigh them down, so again I would place it at the top of waistband.

The phone was not secure just sitting in the waistband. So I started to search for something that could hold my phone and other small items that would be pretty and stylish.

I wanted something easy, I did not want to deal with buttons, zippers or Velcro. I wanted something that would be secure but also allow me to have quick easy access.

During my search I only found athletic hip apparel. I couldn’t find anything that was stylish that could become part of my outfit.

When I couldn’t find what I was looking for, I decided to make it myself, which started the process of HIPRAP.

I wanted to create a product that was fashionable and functional at the same time. I also wanted it to be versatile, something you could wear to the gym but also with a skirt for a night on the town.

I took my mom and my idea to Nordstrom’s. I tied a pretty scarf around my waist and placed my phone inside and said “this is what I want to create”.

Through many prototypes, trial and error I have finally come with a design patent product that I am proud to call the HIPRAP.

Mary Jane has a BSN from Columbia University. She is creative and has always had a love for fashion and design. Scarfs of all types were always a part of her wardrobe, especially while living in NYC for many years. She has combined her creativity and love for fashion to solve a problem that exists in our culture today.

We all have busy active lives and our phone has become part of our wardrobe. Wear the HIPRAP and have your phone be a fashion accessory.

Lovingly made in Wilkes-Barre, PA!