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This 3-piece mealtime set includes 1 pink plate, 1 yellow bowl, and 1 orange dipping cup.  Each element of the mealtime set is a different shape making this dinnerware set attractive, fun, and educational. The plate and bowl are perfectly sized for kid portions. The dipping cup is perfect for condiments helping with portion control and keeping condiments from running onto food.

All materials and parts conform to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission’s regulation.         Made in the USA: all parts are manufactured, assembled, and packaged in the USA, so you can be assured of their quality.

The simple, modern design appeals to discerning parents and children.                                      Stackable and easy to store.



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About Lollacup

When my daughter was 9 months old, I held a straw to her lips, and was ecstatic to see her drinking effortlessly from a straw! Excited by this discovery and our pediatrician’s recommendation to wean my daughter to a straw cup rather than a traditional sippy cup, I quickly went out and purchased several toddler straw sippy cups. Strangely, my daughter could not eke out a sip from any of these cups.

After talking with other mothers about my experience, I learned that some of their children found it so difficult to sip from toddler straw cups with spill-proof valves that they were turned off from using straws altogether. That’s when Lollacup was born — a straw cup with all the qualities that I value in a children’s product: easy to use, easy to clean, safe (BPA-free), Made in the USA, and just plain attractive.

Lollacup is a stylish and functional sippy cup alternative, made for the discerning parent and child. Lollacup’s innovative design helps infants and toddlers successfully use a straw. It has a flexible straw with a weighted end, so children can sip even when the cup is tilted. Because the straw is valve-free and weighted, children as young as 9-months-old can drink effortlessly, even when reclined. Lollacup was designed to be easy for children to use and easy for adults to clean.

Lollacup is proudly made in the USA with safe materials that have been FDA-approved for use by young children. Lollacup is BPA-free and phthalate-free. We are also a proud supporter of our local economy. Everything from the design and manufacturing to its packaging was done in Southern California.

I hope your family enjoys your Lollacup as much as mine does.

Hanna Lim


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