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Lille City is where all of the xs lille huset houses come together and make playtime truly magical with each building, including Marias, Logan, Brooklyn and Doro, having its own story representing buildings all over the world. Build your very own city.  Perfect for stacking, coloring and customizing, the possibilities are endless for budding designers and anyone who loves to be lost in creative play (not excluding adults).

The lille city is designed to go with toys you already have and each house is easy to assemble and put away. The houses are made from 100% recycled paperboard that is laminated with earth friendly patterns to make it durable, fun and easy to customize.The best part about this product is that the packaging is also a play surface. It is printed to unfold and become a little city map to color on and explore making your very own city.


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About Lille Huset

Alyson Beaton is the creator of lille huset and has always found inspiration in the world around her. It wasn’t until architecture school that she found her true love in the field of design. She found herself carefully crafting tiny buildings and imagining a world that could exist. It wasn’t until after college, when she had an opportunity to travel abroad, that she fell in love with cities. She traveled around Europe watching, sketching and experiencing how magical you can feel when your backdrop is centuries old. One day on a quest to see one of the most famous buildings designed by one of the most famous architects, tucked away in what seemed the most beautiful French countryside on earth, it dawned on her that this quest was in vain. She realized at that moment that the most beautiful architecture, in her mind, are the places where real people love to live, call home, each with his and her own story.

This is truly the inspiration behind the company and why she loves to make little houses for little kids based on the magical and beautiful real world.

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