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This heavyweight cotton canvas tote contains a BPA free, lead proof, and airtight liner which holds a 750ml/ 25 oz bottle of wine or your beverage of choice. These canvas canteens are made in the USA using durable cotton canvas and utilitarian rivets and grommets, as well as an aluminum carabiner that attaches to your backpack, belt, purse, bike or bag. Expels oxygen to preserve the flavor and quality of fine wine. Unlike bottles or thermoses, the tote+able canteens role up and can be folded after use. Perfect for camping, picnicking, backpacking, biking and day tripping.

capacity: 750 ml/25 oz

size: 6″x13″

care: Rinse the liner or use bottle brush with warm water and a bit of dish soap. Wash exterior with soap and water and let completely air dry.

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tote {tote} verb, toted, toting. 1. to carry by hand or on one’s person, especially something that is a load or burden: I toted a bucket of water to the camp.

able {ay-bul} adjective, abler, ablist. 1. having the skill, power or design to do something: We were able to carry the load.2. having function or ability that is above average: The foldable bottle is an able device.

our credo

We embrace form follows function. We join this fundamental design philosophy with graphics, illustration and craftsmanship.

Reuse is our eco-philosophy. Upcycling, recycling, reusable products to replace disposable products is our contribution to sustainability.

create jobs by building it here

Our goal is to design products that are built in the USA and in our community. We live locally and think globally.

tote+able wine, water and beverage totes consist of a BPA free, food grade, leak proof, reusable, washable interior with

a 10oz. heavy weight natural cotton duck exterior. Each tote is printed with an original tote+able graphic image. Each tote is assembled with machine sewn seams, steel rivets and grommets and includes ananodized aluminum carabiner to easily attach to belt loops, back packs and purses. The plastic foldable beverage bottle is a proven and tested product that has been in the market for years; example: VAPUR, Platypus, Camel Back. The interior of our tote is basically one of these type of containers.

tote+able beverage totes are the perfect solution for transporting wine, water or your favorite beverage to events, at the pool, on hikes, walks, biking or any activity or location where glass, plastic or metal bottles are a nuisance. Simply fold up your empty tote when finished and put in your pocket or bag.

tote+able wine, water and beverage totes are easy to clean. At the end of the day just simply fill your tote with dish soap and warm water. Put on the cap, shake, pour out the soapy water and rinse with clear water. Place spout end down on a dish rack and let air dry completely. Reusable baby bottles use this same system. If you are extra concerned, a bottle brush can be used. The exterior is like a piece of clothing, a back pack, a purse or any fabric covered tote bag. If the exterior gets dirty, you clean it with soap and water. If it got stained with red wine, there are products sold to remove wine stains from fabric. Just like when you spill wine on a napkin, table cloth, etc. Some manufacturers say you can put these products in the dishwasher. We don’t because that’s not the way dishwashers work. They don’t spray into the little openings in bottles so all you are cleaning is the outside.

Size matters. Our large 750 ml wine and beverage tote holds a full bottle of wine. Why would you take less? The small size conveniently holds 16 oz. and because it’s a bag not a bottle it is comfortable and compact, flexible and easy to carry. If you don’t want to attach it to your pack or belt use our shoulder strap (sold seperately). It is a perfect accessory especially when taking a walk with a friend or your dog.

We are proud of our tote+able product. With more than 30 years of product design and manufacturing experience we feel we have created a product that everyone can use. Many people tell us the wine and beverage tote reminds them of a “Bota Bag”. We loved that Spanish wine bag and it definitely influenced our design. We also loved the rugged design of the old canvas water bags used to cross the desert in the 40’s and 50’s. My dad had one on his 1954 Ford station wagon when he crossed through Needles, California on his way to Southern California from Pennsylvania. We appreciate that we have made something reusable to take the place of something disposable. Most of all, we are so happy to continue to offer jobs and the pride that goes along with making something people love to use, love to give and love to own.

tote+able, say it “tote and able” designed and built with pride in Santa Rosa, CA.

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