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Govino wine glasses are perfect for enjoying your vino at a picnic or while lounging by the pool. Made from a food-safe, BPA-free polymer, these “glasses” are unbreakable. However, they still reflect a wine’s color and aromatics much like crystal. They are recyclable (#1), and even better reusable!

Height: 4.4″

Capacity: 16 oz.


Hand washing is recommended

To ensure optimum wine tasting experience, it is recommended to replace your govino glasses once they lose their luster

Reuse it, abuse it, but eventually recycle it!

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About govino

In 2008, Joseph T. Perrulli revolutionized the wine drinking experience with the introduction of the govino “go anywhere” Wine Glass. Made from a polymer that replicates the attributes of crystal, Perrulli’s groundbreaking product forever changed the way wine is served in settings where breakable glass is prohibited or simply not feasible. Gone are the days of sampling premium wines from styrofoam cups and toasting newlyweds with plastic stemware. govino changed the game and brought the concept of chic, shatterproof drinkware to the great outdoors as well as to indoor venues that were never before possible.

govino is unbreakable, reusable and recyclable, making it ideal for settings like vineyards, pools, boats, concert and sports venues, airplanes, and outdoor dining areas of resorts and restaurants. Its patented thumb-notch not only provides a secure, ergonomic grip, but allows for easy holding and swirling, and is a distinctive design element that is instantly recognizable. govino’s ultra-thin, sleek silhouettes far outpace those of any other unbreakable beverageware options. In addition, the flexible, food-safe, BPA-free polymer from which the products are made showcases a wine’s color and projects its aromatics in much the same way as crystal.

The idea for a highly functional, shatterproof wine glass first came to Perrulli in 1998, while he was working for an upscale wine distributor in New York. During a tasting of an expensive Rhone wine with proprietors of a fine wine establishment, he was shocked to see they were using inferior, plastic cups to sample such a legendary wine.

When he complained that it wouldn’t be possible to properly assess the wine, the proprietors explained that they were tired of breaking all their stemware during tastings. Perrulli had an epiphany right then and there, and made it his mission to solve this problem.

Having developed a sincere appreciation for wine at an early age, Perrulli passionately believed there had to be a way to develop a shatterproof glass that would elevate, not compromise, the wine tasting experience – whenever and wherever proper stemware was unavailable. He worked on countless drawings and prototypes, and eventually finalized a design to present to plastics manufacturers. However, due to the difficult production process and stringent quality controls Perrulli insisted upon, each manufacturing plant he visited said the glass would be next to impossible to produce.

Undeterred, Perrulli continued to seek out manufacturers to produce his shatterproof wine glass, traveling throughout the U.S and Canada; yet, he was still unable to find the right partner. Despite the ongoing challenges, Perrulli moved to Napa Valley in 2005, determined more than ever to launch his idea there.

A few years later, he found a manufacturer who was able to develop production samples that met his standards and were finally worthy of “pre-selling” to key buyers and influencers around the Napa Valley. The response was phenomenal and in 2008, the first production run of govino was delivered to the Napa Valley, all of which Perrulli hand-sold from his car.

The first retailers to carry the govino “go anywhere” 16-oz. Wine Glass were local Napa Valley merchants Dean & DeLuca, Sunshine Foods and St. Helena Wine Center – all of which sold out of stock within days.

Hailed as an instant sensation by master sommeliers, vintners and restaurateurs throughout Napa Valley, govino soon became a vital part of the wine community, providing an elegant way to entertain without having to worry about fragile stemware. Within the first few months of their debut, govino wine glasses were used at numerous winery events and large outdoor venues, such as Frog’s Leap Winery and Outside Lands in San Francisco.

The ultimate validation for govino came in 2014, when Chef Thomas Keller selected govino for use during The French Laundry’s 20th Anniversary Party.

govino is currently manufactured in the United States, and is headquartered in St. Helena, the heart of the Napa Valley. The products are featured at many of the top food & wine events throughout the world, including the Aspen Food & Wine Classic and the Austin Food & Wine Festival. govino is also being used at leading resorts and venues, such as Sir Richard Branson’s Necker Island Resort in the British Virgin Islands, and Danny Meyer’s Shake Shack in New York City.

govino products have been recognized by some of the most prestigious industry associations in the country, including the International Design Society of America and the Chicago Athenaeum: Museum of Architecture and Design.