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SPARQ Whiskey Rocks give a new meaning to “on the rocks.” Serve top-shelf liquor in way that gives guests a chill. Made from recycled soapstone, this modern-day version of the ice cube cools any small volume drink without the melted water. Simply freeze and pop them into whiskey, scotch, liquor and even wine. These sophisticated rocks chill the drink without diluting the taste.

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We’re happy to offer Free Standard Domestic Shipping on orders over $50 USD! For orders under $50 USD see shipping costs below. Most orders will ship out within a day of ordering; however some orders will take 24-48 hours to process. Your order will be shipped via standard shipping unless you select an alternative. All packaging materials are biodegradable packing peanuts and recycled crinkle paper and that boxes from suppliers are recycled as well.   Read More about our Shipping Policies
Feel good knowing each package you receive contains biodegradable packing peanuts, recycled crinkle paper, & recycled boxes.
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About Sparq

SPARQ Home offers a full line of entertaining products designed to bring an elegant feel to any occasion.  From hand-crafted soapstone appetizer plates that keep food cool or warm to chic, stainless steel wine pearls that chill drinks, SPARQ Home delivers high-quality and visually appealing serveware and tabletop products.

Originally, SPARQ Home was founded on a mission to preserve nature’s soapstone quarries across the globe.

In most quarries, up to 80% of all soapstone mined is deemed waste or scrap material.  For businesses like kitchen construction, large, flawless slabs of soapstone are hard to come by.  Each cut of stone is evaluated and claimed as scrap or useful.   When making large cuts of stone, the scrap stone far outweighs the useful slabs.  As such, these blocks of scrap stone are left behind, lining the roads of the quarries.

From an aesthetic view, the blocks of stone destroy the landscape of the quarries.  From a pure environmental angle, these blocks are left to die, wasted on the roadside. The quarries looking only to make a profit have exploited nature leaving what was once a beautiful natural environment into a butchered up mess of broken blocks, torn down trees and muddy roads.

In an effort to regain control of soapstone waste and make useful a stone that has so much to offer, founders Steven Chavez and Justin English have set out to clean up the disastrous quarries worldwide and find a purpose for the discarded soapstone. This is where SPARQ Home was born.

Chavez and English turned to the stone’s natural properties of maintaining warm and cool temperatures. The use of soapstone for its temperature properties is as old as mankind.  In fact, it is one of the most effective natural materials this planet produces for conducting and retaining temperature.  This is when the company’s line of soapstone products was born.

Building on the success of the company’s soapstone product line, English and Chavez expanded into stainless steel, bringing the same level of sophisticated design and usefulness to entertaining ware.

SPARQ Home is based in Denver where the majority of its products are hand-crafted and made in the USA.