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The Eco-Rich is the first yoga mat that uses plant-based oils for up to half of the mat material. This unique process creates a super-sticky texture as well as a durable and stable practice surface.

You will love how grounded you feel when practicing on this mat!

• Unique “greener” mat  partially made from plant-based materials

• Anti-microbial

• Surface is extra sticky for a safe and stable practice

• Lightweight, easy to transport

• Size: 24″ x 68″

• Thickness: 1/8″

• Weight: 2.4lbs

• Material: Vegetable oil-based PVC

• Latex Free



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About Hugger Mugger

Sara Chambers, founder of Hugger Mugger, was an accomplished woodworker when she came to Yoga. Its tremendous impact on her health made Yoga a way of life for Sara. She began developing wooden and fabric tools to help with her practice in 1986. Local teachers and students asked Sara to make things for them, and word spread.

Sara continued to develop products for fellow yogis, including the company’s namesake, Hugger Muggers, the now-famous unisex yoga shorts with a leg band around the thighs to cover what’s underneath. Since the word “hugger-mugger” means “to conceal” the catchy name, Hugger Mugger fit.

Among Hugger Mugger’s most noted designs is the Tapas Sticky Mat, which has become the yoga practice essential. Predecessor mats were not designed specifically for Yoga and would deteriorate quickly with use. The Tapas Sticky Mat was the first long-term performance yoga mat and continues to set the standards for the industry.

For more than 25 years, Hugger Mugger has been known as an innovator of technically excellent yoga products serving yoga teachers and students throughout the world.

Hugger Mugger is committed to developing products of performance, style and comfort. The team strongly believes in the benefits of the practices of Yoga and meditation. They feel that life is a journey and Yoga enriches us in many ways, making our journey one of celebration. This belief evolved into their motto: “Celebrate The Journey.”

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