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World domination is a tiring job! 

Give your kitty a charging station for his/her magic powers to multiply. This four-sided pyramid-shaped cat play home comes with a 9″ side by 10″ tall opening and three blingtastic cosmic diamond cutout toys. Simple assembly requires no hardware or glue. Our corrugated liner provides cats with a napping and scratching surface they can’t resist. This pyramid is also a great sanctuary for your ferrets, rabbits and tiny dogs.The geometric flatpacked product is made with 100% recycled cardboard, printed using soy based inks, acrylic coated, and yup you can wipe it clean.

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We’re happy to offer Free Standard Domestic Shipping on orders over $50 USD! For orders under $50 USD see shipping costs below. Most orders will ship out within a day of ordering; however some orders will take 24-48 hours to process. Your order will be shipped via standard shipping unless you select an alternative. All packaging materials are biodegradable packing peanuts and recycled crinkle paper and that boxes from suppliers are recycled as well.   Read More about our Shipping Policies
Feel good knowing each package you receive contains biodegradable packing peanuts, recycled crinkle paper, & recycled boxes.
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About Love Thy Beast

The affection for our pets and craftspeople is the heart of LoveThyBeast. Our loyal companions cosmically understand our human sensibilities. We celebrate this friendship everyday by being thoughtful and conscious of our energy and environment. Tiziana Agnello, Founder/Designer and Gzigzia, President Emeritus, are big on making this happen for our friends and neighbors.
Our pack is on a first name basis with the makers at textile mills, solid brass distributors and cardboard manufacturers who are all located within a 200 mile radius of our studio. LoveThyBeast is focused on utilitarian design, locally sourced materials and American made products. We’re not kitten when we say, we are made in Brooklyn.
As we and our furry friends move from one adventure to the next, our stories become more connected. We trust that you will feel this special bond with every stitch of LoveThyBeast.

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