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Duke Cannon’s Hard-Working Clean 2-in-1 Superior Grade Hair Wash is for achieving that victorious immaculate clean!

Duke Cannon has little patience for skinny jeans, veggie burgers, or rodents of inferior quality. His new Hard-Working Clean 2-in1 Hair Wash has been engineered with the following superior grade ingredients:

-Protein for Strength

-Vitamin E for antioxidant protection

-Vitamin B5 for conditioning

-No harsh sulfates or parabens

Duke Cannon’s  2-in-1 hair wash is for men of higher taste, not clowns.

-10 oz.

-Fresh clean scent of Victory!

-Made in Memphis, TN

-Clean fresh smelln appreciation of the men and women who have kicked ass serving our country, Duke Cannon Supply Company® donates a portion of its proceeds to veterans causes.

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Feel good knowing each package you receive contains biodegradable packing peanuts, recycled crinkle paper, & recycled boxes.
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About Duke Cannon

Duke Cannon Isn’t For Everyone. And Quite Frankly, He Prefers It That Way.

After All, Duke Cannon Doesn’t Dine With Vegans And He Could Give A Damn About Your New Ipad. Duke Cannon Comes From A Different Era–An Era When Men Had A Greater Purpose Than Building Spreadsheets And Spending Their Saturdays At Banana Republic.

In Duke’s Time, Men Pursued Meaningful Endeavors. They Worked With Their Hands. They Took Pride In The Things They Built, Not The Things They Bought. And The Mindset Was Simple: Men Wanted To Win, Not Find The “Win-Win”.

And Then The Whole Metrosexual Trend Came And Screwed Men Up Even Worse.

Now Exists A Generation Of Men Who Have Spent More Time In A Pottery Barn Store Than A Hardware Store. Hell No.

Needless To Say, The Duke Cannon Supply Company Is Not A Big Fan Of This Trend. It’s Time For Man To Devolve, Not Evolve.

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