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SallyeAnder premium shave soaps are formulated to give you superior razor glide for a kinder, gentler shave that doesn’t leave your skin dry or burning.  Bars typically last 3-6 months with regular use.

Almond & Oatmeal is the perfect blend to soothe and condition without over drying the skin. Almond works with Oatmeal to relieve itching and inflammation while gently exfoliating.  Great for sensitive skin.  Net wt 5 oz.

Comes with wooden soap crate

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Feel good knowing each package you receive contains biodegradable packing peanuts, recycled crinkle paper, & recycled boxes.
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About Sallyeander

Our Story We started making soaps 28 years ago for our son Aaron Taylor. As a baby, he could not tolerate any of the bath products on the market. As a result, Gary decided to try making our own soap for him. Many recipes were still too harsh, so he developed his own process for a pure, natural and kind soap for him. The results were amazing! Over time we heard the same story again and again from others. Gary’s soaps helped them as well. Our selection of products has grown out of a need to help those with specific problems. About the same time, we started selling our soaps at small craft venues and would sell out rapidly. Karen started home parties, where she heard many wonderful personal success stories. A few years later, we quit our day jobs and entered the gift market. We solidified our look and created beautiful graphics to match our philosophy. Since then business has doubled each year. Through all this growth and success – WE HAVE NEVER CUT CORNERS WITH OUR RECIPES. Our soaps and cremes are hypo-allergenic and still created with only edible ingredients so they can be safely used on newborns.

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