Welcome to: Minnesota

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The Land of 10,000 Lakes rightfully conjures up images of splashing summer fun and brisk winters playing pond hockey. Water is a big part of Minnesota – in fact, the Land of 10,000 Lakes actually has more than 11,842.

It also has 69,200 miles of rivers and streams, and touches on the world’s largest freshwater lake, Lake Superior. 680 miles of the mighty Mississippi River roll through Minnesota, and the state has rivers and streams that flow in three directions: north to Hudson Bay in Canada, east to the Atlantic Ocean, and south to the Gulf of Mexico.

Minnesota’s first inhabitants were the Dakota and Anishinabe tribes, although French explorers and fur traders arrived in the late 1600s. Minnesota joined the Union as the 32nd state on May 11th,1858.

Today Minnesota is one of the country’s leading producers of dairy and home to major flour mills, earning it the nickname the Bread and Butter State. But don’t let the wholesome goodness of this mokier or the rural beauty of the state fool you, Minnesota has its share of cultural heavy hitters and savvy business leaders. The of cities of Duluth and Minneapolis have produced Bob Dylan and Prince.

The largest mall in the United States, Mall of America, still operates there today. And in case that wasn’t enough to secure its cultural place in America, Minnesota is also the birthplace to the inventors and creators of Scotch Tape, Post-It Notes and Target.