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The Pilgrims left Europe in 1620 to seek religious freedom. Making the long and treacherous voyage across the Atlantic on the Mayflower, they landed in Plymouth, Massachusetts. They were followed shortly after by the Puritans, who established the Massachusetts Bay Colony. The Puritans named their colony after a local Native American tribe whose name means “a large hill place.” Because early settlers built their colony in a bay area, the state is known as the “Bay State.” It has also been called the “Pilgrim State” and the “Puritan State.” Massachusetts was the 6th state to enter the union on February 6, 1788. The birthplace of many ideals of the American Revolution, Massachusetts attracted people who believed in self-government and is known for its rich and significant colonial history. Did you know the state’s cranberry crop is the nation’s largest? Historic sites, scenic drives, beaches, ski resorts and more, Massachusetts has something for everyone. Because of its many recreational areas and historical landmarks, tourism has also become an important factor in the state’s economy. In Boston, its capital, the Freedom Trail is a walking route of sites related to the American Revolution. These include the Bunker Hill Monument, commemorating the war’s first major battle in 1775. The city is also home to the Museum of Fine Arts and other notable institutions. Opened on April 20th, 1912, Fenway Park, home to the Boston Red Sox, is major league baseball’s oldest ballpark. Massachusetts is recognized worldwide for its rich academic heritage and is home to 150 public and private institutions of higher education. Some of these prestigious places include Harvard, MIT, Holy Cross, Tufts, Boston College, Boston University, and the University of Massachusetts. Find out why “chowda” is better than chowder, learn how the pilgrims lived, walk the Freedom Trail, experience the glorious beaches and mountains, see where the curse was reversed, indulge in some delicious Boston Cream Pie (the official state dessert of Massachusetts!), whatever you are into Massachusetts surely will not disappoint.